Proven electronic workflows from a single source: the Nimbus Solutions Suite

Nimbus provides an integrated application covering all transactions between a company and its shareholders. The Solutions Suite is the perfect tool for maintaining the share register in a simple yet professional way, for the electronic execution of the Annual General Meeting and for remote voting in compliance with the VegüV (Ordinance Against Excessive Remuneration at Listed Companies):

  • Simple, yet professional maintaining of share register with Nimbus AR® and Nimbus DX
  • Electronic execution of the Annual General Meeting with Nimbus GV® and Nimbus VS
  • Electronic remote voting with Nimbus ShApp®





Companies relying on Nimbus are in good hands. All of the servers we operate, as well as the SMS and e-mail gateways are located in Switzerland and are subject to Swiss law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All data are therefore absolutely secure and accessible 24/7.

Incorporated companies and their relevant environment


The subsystems contained in the Nimbus Solutions Suite interact seamlessly with one another, as well as with our Application Service and Business Process Outsourcing.

  • Nimbus AR®

    Incorporated companies holding registered shares are required to maintain a share register. Only registered shareholders are allowed to exercise their right to vote at the Annual General Assembly, and …

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  • Nimbus GV®

    The Annual General Meeting is the supreme body of an incorporated company and acts as a communication platform for top Management and Board of Directors with shareholders, analysts, and the press. Therefore, a well-organised AGM amounts to …

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  • Nimbus ShApp®

    We have developed the Internet Platform Nimbus ShApp® to facilitate the electronic dialogue between emitters and shareholders. A company that provides ShApp® enables its shareholders to register and access the portal in order to …

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