Nimbus GV®

Nimbus GV® is a service package designed for carrying out Annual General Meetings electronically in compliance with Swiss law.

The Annual General Meeting is the supreme body of an incorporated company and acts as a communication platform for top Management and Board of Directors with shareholders, analysts, and the press. Therefore, a well-organised AGM amounts to actively cultivating the image of a company.

Nimbus effectively meets each customer’s requirements to the extent they require, thus ensuring that their Annual General Meeting takes place securely, efficiently and in a legally compliant way. As a company headquartered in a canton where Landsgemeinde meetings (“cantonal assemblies”) are still being carried out, Nimbus has firsthand experience in what voting is all about!

More and more companies are also using Nimbus VS (i.e. VotingSystem), a wireless voting system through which they can meet demands to achieve more transparency and better Corporate Governance. Nimbus VS includes compact voting devices designed for shareholders to express their opinion at the push of a button. In just a few seconds, the integrated software analyses and summarises the electronic voting results safely and precisely.

Preparing and executing an AGM with Nimbus GV®

  • Project planning, assistance in developing the script and in defining the voting conditions
  • Customised printing of invitation, registration form, admission cards, etc.
  • Assembly/Packaging of invitations and enclosures, dispatching, processing responses
  • Provision of barcode readers, aerials/antennas, IT systems, printers, voting devices
  • Logistics, setting up, dismantling, testing
  • Assistance to share transfer office, helpdesk, access control
  • Operating the voting procedure
  • Recording of attendance and execution of electronic voting
  • Determination and announcement of results
  • Creating overviews, reports, statistics


Nimbus supports emitters with professional, highly reliable infrastructure and services – meeting their requirements with utmost precision.

Nimbus VotingUnit with backlit touch screen