Nimbus AR®

Incorporated companies holding registered shares are required to maintain a share register. Only registered shareholders are allowed to exercise their right to vote at the Annual General Meeting, and all corporate actions are based on the data recorded in the share register of a company.

Nimbus AR® is a comprehensive standard application enabling companies to manage their share register professionally. In addition, Nimbus DX provides a communication platform for data interchange between the share register and SIX SIS Ltd.

The Solutions Suite is available as an Application Service Providing (ASP) or as an Outsourcing Service. Nimbus operates the solution in its own data centre, provides all the necessary hardware and software resources, ensures a secure access, and takes over data storage/backup. The emitter can choose either to manage the share register autonomously or to appoint Nimbus experts with these tasks.

An accurate and legally compliant share register is self-evident when using Nimbus AR®.

Share register management with Nimbus AR®

  • Communication with company and bank: assessments, notices, information
  • Opening shareholder data, maintenance of master data and database
  • Maintaining shareholders’ depots
  • Check-in and check-out of shares and voting rights
  • Collecting and issuing, transmitting and processing banker’s orders with SIX SIS
  • Coordinating and processing payments of all types
  • Extracting statements from the share register
  • Periodical reporting in accordance with customers’ requirements
  • Carrying out audits and quality assurance
  • Personal support service  by phone or electronic communication


The subsystems contained in the Nimbus Solutions Suite interact seamlessly with one another, as well as with our Application Service and Business Process Outsourcing.